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05.10.14 Rachel Begley leading
  1. Juan de Lienas - Miserere Domini Mihi a 3 - Mexico, c.1600 - chant, then AAB.
  2. Tomas Luis de Victoria (c.1548-1611) - Motet: Vere Languores Nostros - SSAT (found in a convent in Mexico, as was the first piece).
  3. G.F.Handel (1685-1759) - Concerto - originally an organ concerto in 4 movements (Larghetto, Andante, Andante Polonaise, Allegro) of which we played the first 2 - Oriel 136 - SATB
04.12.14 Valerie Horst leading
  1. Guillaume Faugues (flourished 1460-75): Agnus 1 & 2 from his L'homme Arme mass; TBBGb
  2. Giovanni Gabrieli (1553-1612): O Magnum Mysterium; SATB + BGbGbCb (EML 148).
  3. Guillaume Machaut (c.1300-1377): Ma Fin Est Mon Commencement; TTB.
  4. Giovanni da Palestrina (1525-15940): Exultate Deo; TBBGbCb (BBGbGbCb).
03.08.14 Wendy Powers leading
  1. Bonjour Mon Coeur (chanson)....SATB
  2. Scio Enim Quod Redemptor (Motet)....A^TBGb
  3. Quam Pulchra Es (Motet)....SSATTB
  4. Die Fassnacht ist ein schone zeit (drinking song)....TBGbGbCb
  5. Ein guter wein ist lobens werd (drinking song)....same
  6. La Nuit Froide et Sombre (chanson)....A^TTB doubled low
02.08.14 Daphna Mor leading
Medieval pieces:
  1. Anonymous Czech. duet (T,T)
  2. Andreas de Florentia (14th c): Questa Legiadra Luce - duet (A up, T)
  3. Landini (c.1335-97): Ecco La Primavera (Ballata) - duet (T, B up)**
  4. from the Llibre Vermeil (14th c.): Mariam matrem - trio (A up, T,B)**
  5. Dunstable (c.1370-1453): O Rosa Bella - trio (T,B,B)
  6. Johannes Ciconia (c.1410): O Rosa Bella - trio (A up, T,T)**
    **setting by Al Coffrin
01.11.14 Tom Zajac leading
Music from the 17th-century Spanish New World
  1. Gaspar Fernandes (c.1570-before 1629): Elegit eum Dominus - secular motet - entrance music for the new viceroy - SAATB low (TBBGbCb)
  2. Fernandes - Vexilla Regis: SATB (based on a chant in alto part).
  3. Antonio de Salazar (c.1691): Villancico-Guarda la fiera - SATB.
  4. Juan Gutierrez de Padilla (1590-1664) - Salve Regina - 2 choirs, SATB + SATB (both choirs with Gb & Cb doubling).
11.09.13 Rachel Begley leading
  1. Philippe Caron: Rose Playsant, from 5 Rondeaux for 3 voices or instruments (EML 299)
  2. Anon: Mon Ami (PP 29) for recorder quartet [Found elsewhere as Ninot le Petit: Mon amy m'avoit promis
  3. Massaino: Canzon 33 for 8 trombones, arr. Young.,_Tiburtio)
10.12.13 Deborah Booth leading
  1. O Doulce Amour by Claudin de Sermisy - SATB (Oxford Anthology of French Chansons)
  2. Intrada & Allemand by Thomas Simpson - AABupBGb - LPM TM15
  3. In Nomine by John Bull - SAupATB (2nd voice = In Nomine) - Musica Britannica - Jacobean Consort Music
  4. Fantasia by Cuperario - SSATBupB(+Cb) - MB-Jacobean
9.14.13 Rachel Begley leading
  1. Tallis: Purge Me, O Lord,_Thomas)
  2. Muffat: Dances from Florigeum, Suite No.3 “Gratitudo” (Bourree, Gigue, Gavotte, Minuet),_Georg)
  3. Japanese traditional (arr. T Kimura): Furusato Akiyama & Kimura Project
RSLI member Marian Hubbard was inspired to do some online research afterward, and writes: "Furusato is translated as "My Hometown" and the words are a longing to go back to a place from a happy past or childhood. [One] article...was from a missionary in Japan. It was being sung a couple of years ago by a group of people, mostly older, who survived the big earthquake and tsunami."