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Meet the Board

Diana Foster Diana has been part of the Long Island recorder scene for nearly 30 years, and has enjoyed every minute! She took up the Viola da Gamba about 15 yrs. ago and plays both that and recorder on a regular basis with a number of groups.
Rachel Begley Rachel Begley has been playing the recorder since the age of six, when she was given a blue recorder (which was sat upon shortly thereafter).  When she is not playing or teaching, she enjoys time in the outdoors with her growing family.  PS. Her recorders are no longer blue.
Sue Hahn The day after I graduated from college I got on a Greyhound bus and traveled for four days and three nights to Mexico to work in a social service project. This led to projects in Greece, Tunisia and Paris. After about two and a half years I began to think I should get a "regular" job and returned to the U. S. where I began teaching music, which had been my major area of study.

My recorder history begins when I needed to play soprano in my first full time teaching job. During a year in Germany I picked up alto and tenor and finally bass for playing in local ensembles. Later I was "instrumental" in introducing the use of recorders to help students give sound to abstract concepts in Rudiments and music education classes at Queens College.

When I retired I began playing in RONY which I enjoy for the interesting music we play as well as for the interesting people who play it together.

~Sue Hahn
Kara Kvilekval spends her days having fun as a surgeon but dreams about the time when she can go and make another recorder.
Barbara Zotz Lover of music, cats, gardens, books.  Retired teacher; loves kids.

~Barbara Zotz
Karen Wexler I have been an avid recorder player for the past thirty years. I enjoy many types of music. Of late, I have particularly enjoyed playing Renaissance music on Renaissance style recorders.

Margaret Brown absolutely loves playing recorders - all sizes in as many groups as she can find. Besides her passion for music, she takes ballet classes, dabbles in watercolor, gardens, volunteers at the hospital, and tries to keep up with her grandchildren.
Beverley’s passion for recorder is somewhat new, about two years. Her empty nest at home encouraged her to return to her musical roots after a long hiatus. Back in the day, she studied flute at the University of Louisville School of Music and earned a BME. When she’s not playing and studying recorder she’s working full time at Stony Brook Medicine. She also loves live music of many genres, reading, working out, skiing, and snorkeling.
Patricia Laurencot Patricia began playing the recorder in college and now shares her knowledge with elementary and middle school students.